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Alexandra Holovitz

When in doubt… travel!

How solo travel taught me happiness, my life purpose and awakened my spiritual self

“The world is a book and who don’t travel, only read one page”

I wrote this book for YOU gorgeous travel-spirit-sisters – who are in doubt or hesitant to take a plunge and embark on their first time long-term travel – to inspire YOU to travel solo.
We travel first to lose ourselves, but through amazing adventures, we find our TRUE SELF.
I encourage you to dare to live life by your own terms, step outside your comfort zone, to fill your soul with joy, happiness and many wonderful memories.
I’m here to guide and support you through the process.





In this book

you will learn about


The book is about my personal 12 months of adventure, wanderlust and healing as a solo female traveller through New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.


* How to Prepare for Your First Solo Trip
* How to Travel on a Budget
* How to Extend Your Travels
* How to Work Online and On The Way
* How to Apply and Teach English in Asia
* How to Slow Down and Connect with Purpose
* How to Heal Your Past and Embark on a Spiritual Journey to Find Your True Self
* How to Return To Everyday Life after your Travels

About the author

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About Alexandra Holovitz

I’m an author, coach, photographer – the mostly a creative, soulful, adventuress woman, just like YOU. I’m on a journey of personal development to become the best version of myself. My mission to empower women to take the plunge, travel solo and live life to the fullest. I’m here to take your hand and walk the unknown with you as your friend – if you dare to step outside the box.



eBook reviews

from readers


Krista Butler

“Alexandra’s story is delicious, brave, honest, and loving. Reading this book makes you want to reexamine life and put solo traveling as a priority. Life is short so why not take a year off to go travel the world. With this book you will have support, guidance and powerful questions to get you started in the right direction.”

Palak Goyal

“The book beautifully explores everything a solo traveler feels and every aspect of the coveted nomadic lifestyle. With every anecdote and experience I found myself nodding my head in affirmation and thinking “Hey! I know how that feels, same thing happened to me too!”.
Solo traveling can be daunting and is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is still a very crucial adventure to grow as a person and anyone looking for some inspiration will find all the answers right here, in this captivatingly worded book.”

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