Hello and Welcome 🙂

My name is Alexandra Holovitz. My friends back home call me Sandra, but since I am traveling, got used to being called Alex, Ale, Alexandra depending on the country I’m in.

I was born and raised in a small city called PĂ©cs in Hungary close to the Croatian border. Where I grew up, most people never dare to dream of taking a year off for traveling or moving abroad alone. I guess I just born ‘different’. My passionate for traveling was evident ever since I can remember. I was five when I told my Mum that I’m going to travel around the world.

Fast forward a few years; my dream seems to become a reality as per today I have visited 83 countries and have lived, worked and volunteer in six countries on three continents. I don’t say all this to brag about my travels; I say it so you can see everything is possible if you believe and follow your heart desires.

How did all this happen?

During my gymnasium years, I played basketball and with my team we have competed in a few countries abroad. I have been in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Croatia. Then I studied Economics and Commerce in Tatabanya (it’s a city 50km from Budapest) where we had a two weeks student exchange program with the Netherlands. I was placed to Haga, during our assignments we studied and traveled around the Netherlands. (One of my favorite country and people!!)

After completing my degree, I decide to try myself in a foreign country, so I moved to London for a year than New York. In 2009 I took my passion for travel even one step further when signed up for working on cruise ships. After two contracts on ships, I missed the stability of being in one place, having friends more than a contract, so I moved to Mexico, Playa Del Carmen and worked in a dive center for a while.

But all roads leads home. I guess after seven years of wandering; I felt homesick, so moved back to Hungary. But things have changed, or I have changed? I didn’t find my place there so decided to move again back to the UK, London and stayed until 2016 January when I got the ‘travel bug’ again. This time was stronger than ever before…. I felt I want to make traveling my lifestyle. Travel and work on the go and the idea born: I want to become a digital nomad.

I saved up money towards a six months adventure, quit my job, packed my bags and started the adventure of a lifetime! Have visited New Zeland, Australia and South East Asia. So that’s where I am today, the six months became nine months. I will share my travel tips and personal development journey with you through blogging and short videos.

My mission is to explore everything, connect with awesome people globally, and inspire others to follow their dreams and passions in life.

You might wonder, why Flip Flop Universe is the blog name?

Happy Travels!

A night out in LA

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