What Are The Best Travel Apps To Download?

Using the best travel apps can make your trip a lot more smoother, enjoyable and fun.

Here is my list, what I think is the best 6 travel apps to download asap:

1: Maps.me

Best offline GPS navigation map system. All countries, cities of the world are included. A very detailed app, easy to use, zoom in and out function. When you download will instantly feel having the whole world in your pocket. Works completely offline, so you don’t need to worry about roaming charges or getting lost, even if you are on a tiny island, it’s accurate. Lifesaver must have app for globetrotters.

• Free, iOS and Android, maps.me

2: Citymapper

Easy to use map and public transport app. Citymapper offers more detailed journey planner than Google, including real-time departures and disruption alerts, as well as Uber integration and cycle routes. It is available in around 30 cities worldwide. It will tell you how long your journey will take from point A to B, where to get off the bus and if you walk how many calories you burnt. Fabulous app for savvy travelers.

• Free, iOS and Android, citymapper.com

3: Duolingo

Over 70 million people have registered with Duolingo, a free and incredibly well-designed language learning app. The app is a fun way to get the basics or to keep yourself fresh on grammar and vocabulary, before a trip abroad. Just like a computer game, the app guides you through levels that you need to complete before advancing, and you gain experience points along the way.

• Free, iOS and Android, duolingo.com


Your Personal Travel Agent

Be your own travel agent and plan every detail of your trip—from car rental to lodging to restaurants—with TripIt. You can construct custom itineraries by hand, or simply forward the email confirmations of your flight, rental car, train tickets, and hotels to plans@tripit.com and watch TripIt construct the itinerary for you.

• Free, iOS and Android, www.tripit.com

5: Free Wifi Finder

Your Guide to the Internet Oasis

As a modern traveler is important to stay connected. Wifi Finder by Jiwire is the perfect solution. You can search the directory for the closest wireless free hotspot in your area. Available over 120 countries worldwide.

• Free, iOS and Android

6: Skype:

Stay in touch with friends and family during your travels. Skype offer free messaging, phone call, HD video, and group chat function. You can top up your account and call for landline or any mobile for low rates. Share videos, photos and your location. Wifi required using.

• Free, iOS and Android, skype.com

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Happy Travels!