Why The Blog Called FlipFlopUniverse?

by | Sep 29, 2016 | BLOG

Okay so you probably wonder why the blog called flip flop universe, right?

The concept behind the idea was that I want to chase the sun while I’m traveling.

I born in a country where winter can be pretty cold. (-15-20 degrees) However found out when talking to Canadians, that’s pretty normal in some regions. So you see it’s all about perception. I think it’s something to do with I was born in June. I’m a summer person. I love the sun, beach and the water and the fact that I can walk around barefoot or maximum wearing flip flops. ( or thongs as the Ozzies like to called them 😉 and light clothing. (bikini or tank top in ideal case!)

The other part : Universe. I’m very drawn to spiritual things and believe in higher existence. Some people call it God, some Higher Self my word is Universe. Also that word represents the ultimate knowledge. We all have multi-skills in life. Some people are more lucky to find what they really want to be or do. My ‘universe’ is a very colorful in a broad horizon with tons of different experiences and likes . This blog is going to show you all those things I like and passionate about.  Here is a list:

A few things I like or love:

  • Traveling ( exploring new places, cultures, local food)
  • Learning New Things (taking courses, learning languages, meeting people and learning from them)
  • Pampering my body (eating well, going to spa’s, taking a course in massage or having one)
  • Pampering my soul (meditate, create vision boards, daydreaming)
  • Food (try all sort of local, vegetarian, meaty or raw food – like to keep it interesting and listen to my body’s need )
  • Coffee ( my weakness, so if you want something from me, invite me for one of those haha)
  • Red Wine, cheese and crackers ( Yes I’m one of those weird girls, who don’t eat or particularly like chocolate)
  • Extreme Sports ( bungee jumping, skydiving, cave diving etc – I love adrenaline)
  • Sports in general ( watching or participating)
  • Dancing ( I can’t dance, but thanks to my latin friends, I don’t care anymore, just shake my body)
  • Trance dance is something i discovered in Bali and felt like arriving home, just being one with the Universe.
  • Writing ( i also wanted to become an author, still under progress)
  • Internet, technology ( connecting with family, friends and new friends around the globe)
  • Beach, nature walks and activities ( in NZ I even got into hiking!)
  • Positive people and good vibes (smile, laugh, personal touch)
  • Gifts ( giving or receiving small things from people I love)