Discover Everyday Methods How To Save Money To Travel

I’m always on a search for new ways on how to save money to travel. Whenever it’s a simple weekend getaway or an around the world trip. We all want to escape, disconnect and enjoy our life to the fullest.
Well, some might tell you that your travel dreams are too expensive, unachievable or even unrealistic, but I have to disagree with that. Many of us can realise our dream trip by setting saving and budgeting goals and working towards them daily.

People often ask me, How do you afford to travel so much?
My question for them: How do you afford to buy all that stuff, you have in your closet?

There are so many incredible travel destinations around the world.

Frankly, I feel the more I travel, the more I haven’t seen yet. It all comes down to making choices in life.

Choices of buying that new Jimmy Choo shoe, Chanel bag or Cartier watch, going out every weekend to fancy restaurants – don’t get me wrong it’s nothing wrong with that. I have been there, done that. The question is what worth what for you? Having another pair of designer shoe? Or climbing the Macchu Picchu and soak it all in.

Are you ready to learn new ways how to save some money to travel and go on your dream vacation? Great, so let’s dig in.

Here are my top 21 ways how to save money to travel.

1: Cut your “bad habits” by 50% (alcohol, cigarette, coffee etc)
Once I didn’t drink alcohol for six months at all, in the end, I was amazed how much extra cash I had. First, it might feel strange, but try to stick with it. Replace your old habits with some positive new ones. Example: instead of the morning coffee, have a cold shower that will wake you up. Instead of buying a bottle of red wine drink some fresh juice. These small mind tricks will help you go through the first few day of cravings.*Creating a new habit can take up to 21 consecutive days!

2: Track your expenses:
Knowing how much you spend daily, weekly, monthly will help you stay on track towards your saving goals. Seeing where your money exactly goes, it’s powerful. This method helps you see if you are spending on something unnecessary. Example: You might drink a Starbucks coffee daily on your way to work, which you think it’s not much, but when you add up that $3, it becomes $90/month. Brew your coffee and drink the free coffee at your office.
Download an app called: Spending Tracker by MH Riley Ltd

3: Don’t buy new clothes/things:
I know it’s pretty obvious, but when you are women, it can be challenging sometimes. We buy clothes, shoes, bags, make-up when we feel happy, when sad, bored, so pretty much anytime. And why? Mostly to feel better.
When I decided to save money, I would still go and walk around in the mall, but when I try on something, asked myself: Do I really need this? And most of the time the answer was, NO!
If the answer was: YES! Dig more. Does it worth x amount or that money would be in a better place in my savings? Again, the answer mostly was put it towards the savings. Yes, ladies we need to do conscious shopping, otherwise we end up buying a tonne of stuff. Arrive home and realise OMG, how much I have spent again and didn’t even remember, how it all happened? Stuff you probably don’t need when you hike the mountain. 🙂

4: Avoid eating out
Eating out can be a great social event. Meeting, socialising with friends and colleagues. However, it can easily cost you a few hundred if you not careful. I’m a very social person, so to overcome this, I decided to launch home dinner parties along with my friends. We get together in one of our homes, cook a basic meal for 6 and invite all friends over. In that case, you save money on restaurant and taxi bills. 2:1 fantastic.

5: Prepare your weekly meals
Buy your grocery in the market and if possible in bulk. Dedicate one day for meal preparation. Example: I used to do my weekly meal prep on Sundays. So during the week when I got home, feeling tired after work, just had to open the fridge and the delicious, healthy ready made food was there to heat up, so I didn’t reach out to have takeaway.

6: Downgrade or cancel your gym membership
I used to go to a fancy gym, called David Lloyds which was great. Had fitness classes, swimming pool, spa-section and it cost me £130/month. Instead, I started working out outdoors. Running, walking in the park and swimming in the lake. If you like aerobic classes, you can just search on youtube and do it at home. (It’s all free!)

7: Cancel your cable Tv
Be honest with yourself. Do you need that 119 channels?
Give customer service a quick call, asking for the downgraded contract or cancel it for good.
I don’t own a TV and have cable more than ten years and still alive, haha. Watching TV can be a huge money and time wasting activity. Give it a try for a month.

8: Skip public transport – cycle, walk
Biking or walking to work, not only will save you money but will increase your overall well-being too.

9: Use coupons/promo codes
I love shopping online. Before I order anything, I always do some research, compare online deals and browse around the internet for discount codes. It’s not cheap. It’s being smart. Best site: or

10: Avoid expensive night outs
Research shows that an average Friday or Saturday night out can cost you minimum $50. If you are a party person, who goes out 2x a week every weekend, that itself already $400/ month. Say no to going out for a while, and you can save significant amount towards your trip.

11: Downgrade your phone contract
Again, be honest with yourself. Do you really need all those minutes? Fancy new phone? Today there are many free services available over wifi to make calls/text. Download: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and save money on your next phone bill.

12: Move home
Can you live in a cheaper neighborhood, smaller condo for a few months, before going on the big trip? Look around in your area, if there are places for better value. Or share a room/place with a friend.

13: Rent your room/apartment
You not only can save but start earning money with this method.
Example: I met a girl, who was renting her apartment every month approx two weeks on Airbnb. The time being, she stayed with friends or her parents. Making this slight change in her lifestyle, she managed to pay her mortgage and earned extra money.

14: Pick up some freelance work
If you got some online skills, you could register on sites and find some extra hour of freelance work. It can be copy writing, web design, translation. Check out Fiverr, Upwork.

15: Start a saving jar:
Example: Let’s say you quit smoking. Put your cigarette money daily into a pot and lock it, symbolizing that you can’t spend it.
It works same as a saving account. The end of the month you can easily have $150.

16: Declutter your home – Sell stuff you never use
That’s a big one. You would be surprised when it comes down how much stuff we collect over the years. I can guarantee you will have a few hundred worth of ‘stuff’ laying around in your home. Garage sales are a fun way to get rid of few unwanted things and make money.

17: Sell your hair
If you have beautiful, healthy long hair, you can cut and sell it.
(only as your last option, please!)

18: Don’t buy books:
I’m not saying stop reading books! I’m saying go to a library instead. Borrow books and video games from your friends. Don’t forget to give them back! Use Kindle, for $7.99 you get unlimited books.

19: Don’t go to the movies:
You can watch lot’s of movies online with your Amazon or Netflix subscription.

20: Make your beauty products
Using less is more. I can tell you a good quality unprocessed organic coconut oil works like magic. It can replace most of your beauty products and save you lot of money. I use coconut oil as a body-face cream, hair mask, etc.

21: Get organised. When you have a daily schedule you less likely to get bored and want to grab a snack, have a cigarette or drink another coffee.

Hope you liked these tips and will start to implement a few into your daily routine, so soon you can join me in the world discovery too! Feel free to share it and comment below if you have any other money saving tips!

Happy Travels!