What is Oneness Blessing (or otherwise known Deeksha)?

Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) it is a Divine intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation within the brain of the recipient. This transfer helps people move away from the sense of separation towards a sense of connectedness and oneness with all creation, allowing feelings of bliss, ease, peace, joy, and love to be more fully experienced in one’s daily life. It is not a teaching or concept, but rather an experience or process that supports all paths or beliefs.

It has often been said that if you take one step towards God, then God will take a hundred steps towards you. We have so many ways to take a step towards the divine: prayer, meditation, chanting — in fact, every kind of spiritual practice in every tradition. The Oneness Blessing is one way that the divine can reach out to humanity; it is a gift, a benediction of grace.

There may have been times in your life when the continuous chatter of the mind momentarily quieted or stopped altogether; the usual worries, pressures, and boredom of daily life just fell away, replaced by an inner calm and vibrant joy in the heart; and a sense of connection or oneness with everything. Deeksha has this effect on the recipient. With each Deeksha, the effects and benefits are accumulative and more noticeable.

The Oneness Blessing is a process by which we are re-connected with this quiet, intelligent centre of ourselves.

The experience of joy, stillness, and love is available to us in every moment, but owing to various factors, our life experiences and the unconsciousness of the world into which we are born, this reality has become hidden from our sight. We are identified with the mind, and things seem stressful and problematic. We struggle with our life situation, our family, our work environment, and even against ourselves. It creates a sense of separation from everything around us, and from this sense of separation arises fear, confusion, meaninglessness, and loneliness. We experience life as if we were “an isolated fragment in a hostile Universe”. The Oneness Blessing is a gentle, precise process of awakening from this state of isolation into an ever-deepening experience of connection with ourselves and the world around us.

My personal experience:

Spiritual healing journey with andala mandala meditation and oneness blessing.

Have you ever heard of a meditation technique called andala mandala?
It’s a powerful meditation on healing your relationship with your parents/ ex-partners/ inner child.

I was at the Yoga Barn in Ubud Bali. Having lunch with one of my friend and looking at the yoga classes. I didn’t particularly felt energetic that day, so told her why don’t we try the meditation class at 3 pm. Was not much information on it, only said: meditation with Punnu.

So we went. Entered the room and to my surprise, the people were sitting in a circle, and there were some chakra cards placed in the middle of the circle. We took our bolsters and sat down.

A few minutes later the facilitator Punnu welcomed everyone in the class and began explaining the process of meditation.
He asked if: Anyone has any health issues or pregnancy? Everyone seems to be healthy, so he carried on. He explained the names and locations of chakras briefly. The breathing method we use and the intention why we sit in a circle. ( Mandala means circle)

He continued: I ask you to close your eyes, breath in & out through your nose. Focus on yourself! Please don’t get distracted by noises or other people’s process and most importantly please do not leave the room no matter what happens. (OMG, first I thought what kind of seance we got ourselves in, but I calmed my brain and try to relax. Let my feelings guide me thought the journey.

He added: if you going through a complicated process, please ask myself or the other facilitators to help you with it. That was the intro to the mediation! He laughed and added: The experience vary person to person! Some scream, some laugh, some will feel like their hands stuck together as chicken legs, numbing, nibbling around the body it’s all normal, etc. (Very reassuring I thought ) It’s all okay, cause we most likely will all cry! Some from joy others from pain, but your body knows what it needs to heal! Just accept and go through the energy shifts!

The practice brings gratitude, love, bliss and the feeling of oneness. We will start with half an hour chakra meditation combined with kundalini yoga breathing (breath of fire) then see what happens. Now please close your eyes and hold your neighbour’s hand and let’s begin breathing in and out for a count of One, two, one two…..

I closed my eyes. Started breath in thought my nose deeply for one, breath out through my nose quickly, forced all breath out for two. You hear Punnu’s voice from a recorder, going One, two, one, two….
My brain is still speedy and talkative: This is too fast. I can’t breathe so fast and so deep. I’m not used to this. I feel dizzy. Going to faint.

I hear a heavy breathing behind me. Cathrine (one of the facilitator) walks around and demonstrates the ‘breath of fire’ technique showing us the strength of breath. My brain keeps racing and talking: “you can do better than this. Your breathing is very shallow.”
I start breathing deeper. I feel more dizzy, lightheaded. Although more connected and focused on what happening inside rather than what my conscious telling me. Guess, I feel fainting because my body not used to have so much oxygen.

We arrive at the 1st chakra. We focus on the location of the chakra than say a mantra. ( It’s all coming from a recording what to do, so it’s easy to follow, little harder to remember now 🙂

I keep breathing in and out for one, two, one, two. I start feeling my left side – my face all the way down to my legs vibrating than going numb. It’s crazy, feels like being paralysed. I feel little scared, but keep breathing and pushing through it. (Consciously, don’t understand what’s going on) I feel warm, almost like burning in fire. My body starts to shake and moving around in circles on the meditation pillow. I am aware of all this happening, but can’t help it and frankly just go deeper within. I see the sign of the first chakra (feminie side) shooting out from my 3rd eye. It looks like a torch’s light that want to break through my head. I still can’t feel my left side of my face, but now also my lips start to shake. If you ever taken some ‘happy pills’ or see people overdo it. I’m having the same effect like that without taking anything. I’m tripping. My brain is screaming, but I can’t help myself. Suddenly I feel hot sweat and shivering with goosebumps all over my body. Tears start to roll down on my face. I don’t understand, where the tears come from or why, but I feel less numb on my face and hand, so just let them come through. We move on to the next chakra than the next. I’m feeling good now, seems like all my numbness left. My body feels lighter. Just cruising now, enjoying the music.

A few minutes into this calm space, I feel a strong and sudden energy rush like my face burning and my head, want to exploit. I slightly open my eyes ( guess this was the sign that I need help) than the facilitator mimic with her eyes showing to close mine. I trust her and do it. I feel like someone wants to open my skull. The pain is sharp and constant. I see a purple light and feel the hot sweat again adn start shaking. Energy waves are going through my body. I want to let go the other’s hand, but they holding mine firm. It feels little uncomfortable. My brain is telling me: just release them and go on your trip. So I follow my intuition and ‘break’ the hand holding. I feel a hand on my head. It feels warm and comforting. Feeling light, blissful and calm. The pain is going away. I see a white light coming from my third eye. ( I see this a lot while I’m meditating, can it be a sign of spiritual awakening? )

I peek through my eyes. Yes, there is a girl in front of me. I can’t help it, just need to know. Guess this is my controlling side coming out. She has a beautiful healing warm energy. I feel comfortable and loved. We stay in this wonderful energy bubble then she moves on to someone else.
Punnu puts a beautiful slow song with some vocal in it.

I feel pressure in my heart. Start thinking of my love and the way I push him away, the loss, etc. I feel another energy in my space again. It’s much lighter than the girl was. I peek through my eyes, yes I’m right it’s happening. I’m receiving a oneness blessing right now. It’s a guy, but first I don’t feel the energy through him. Even my brain is saying that after the girl his energy is light. ( Controlling and very comparing behavior)

Don’t know why, but he decided to stay. Few minutes into this state.
I feel emotions and visions coming up. I see fire and start to shake. Tears burst out from me. I hear myself ‘screaming’ but it just coming up stronger than earlier. I can’t seem to control or stop. I feel like going to faint from the pain, tears rolling gradually down on my cheek and my heart starts to beat faster. I need to breath through my mouth a few times to slow down the process. It’s crazy, what’s going on? Feels like being high. Being high on Oxygen? Or life?

I began to feel lighter, like someone just lifted off a huge weight from my heart. A burden of guilt, self-blame and sadness.
My body start to feel stronger; life begins to make more sense, and I feel love. Feel that it’s all going to be okay. I need to accept the past, let go and just love and trust myself and intuitions. I stop crying. My breathing goes back to normal. I’m sitting on the meditation pillow with straight spine, crossed legs and a big smile. Trying to make sense what just happened to me than a few minutes later it’s all over. Punnu asks us, to open our eyes and come back to the room.
He asks people if they would like to share their experience. We go around, and few people share theirs. Mine was very visible, so I don’t feel the need to share much about that, only ask why I felt so numb on my left side. He says that’s refusing my feminine side and try to control, not showing vulnerability. (It makes sense, so I accept)

A week later I went back to do another meditation.
I was curious how it’s going to be this time. I try not to build too much expectation around what’s going to happen, but I’m kind of ‘mentally’ prepared to release more of my emotional blockages and even take some extra tissue, just in case. However this time, it’s completely different. The beginning of the meditation I go deep much faster than the first time. Not feeling dizzy. Feeling strong. One, two, one, two breathing in and out in the nose. I feel a slight headache, but nothing compared to the previous ‘explosion’ effect.
The only uncomfortable fact my fingers starts to close up. Like they have been squeezed onto each other. It feels like fingers have a cramp. I want to let go my partner’s hand, but this time I STAY with it.

It’s gradually start feeling like floating. I feel my body lifting up from my meditation pillow….. I feel overflowing joy, stillness, happiness. I feel like flying few meters above the ground going higher and higher and seeing… Wait a minute. Seeing myself from the outside, like a visitor or rather inspector of my body. I wonder if it’s an out of body experience? Or this is the oneness blessing awakening process?
I like to be in this happy, safe and blissful place. My mind relaxes and stops wandering. I feel present. Feeling all my body light and just going up and up. Where do I go? Up to heaven? Maybe this is the connection with God? With the Universe? Sensing to be one with everything?

The meditation was an hour, but this time it felt too short. I loved being in this pure, joyous state where I can float, be playful and actually just be me without any burden or expectation.

It’s time to come back to the room. We share and I learn that the chicken feet affect means, that you want to control things around you and letting go some subconcious thoughts in past and forgiveness come through this way energetically.

Two times and two completely different experience. Both incredible in their unique ways. I will be staying in Ubud for another week, so will give it a try a third time too 🙂 Curious what happens next!? 🙂

All I can say, still catching up ‘logically’ what just happened tonight! An incredible journey within my body & soul.

It’s the only reflection of my personal experience during the andala mandala meditation & oneness blessing! As we all have different experiences, I would recommend trying for yourself.

Punnu it’s an excellent healer and teacher. He uses various healing modalities in his practice. He travels the word, teach and share his divine knowledge. Click here to read more about him and his work.

He runs Oneness Blessing Giver Trainings around the world.

I’m attending his course in the Yoga Barn Ubud Bali.
Click here to learn more about the course.

Blessings for All,

Happy Healing and Traveling 🙂