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People often ask me questions about how to find cheap flights, affordable accommodation,what online web-tools, shopping, travel and photography gear I use.

So I’m giving you a list of all the things that I use and love. Things that I find useful and that I would highly recommend to other people because I’m convinced they make my life easier and better. Have a look, maybe there is something good for you too… *

*Some of these companies offer referral bonuses so if you’re going to use them please do it through the links on this page:-)

Happy Travels!



Skyscanner is my favorite flight search engine. One of their best features is the option to search any destination. For example, if you’re not sure where to go, and just looking for the cheapest fares, then Skyscanner is your tool! Just type your chosen departure, i.e. LON (for LONDON) to ANY (means everywhere) and you’ll get the best deals from your nearest airport!


When I’m traveling, I like to keep things interesting, so mix up the places where I stay.

Depending on my goal of travel (work or leisure) mood (social or focused on work) and time frame I’ll be staying at the new location. (if staying more than 2 weeks, I usually prefer to stay in an apartment/guesthouse with swimming pool.) is an excellent platform for booking accommodation, from my experience I have noticed provides almost every time the lowest price for a hotel in the area. Super easy to use and the customer service is incredible.


Hostelworld is by far the best backpackers app, not only because of its ease to use, but because the reviews from the people who use it are so powerful. When I use Hostel world, I go simply through the ratings, pictures and select the right match.


I use Airbnb while was traveling in Europe and America. Great option when you want a break from the backpacker scene and need more peace, privacy and want to feel being ‘home’. Check out Airbnb, you get amazing deals!! Click Here for $25 free credit when you first join!


world-nomadsI use Word Nomads because they cover all aspect of my trips and valuables.

Travelling without insurance could be the worst thing you’ll ever do. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people getting robbed, injured or just losing important valuables which can ruin trips instantly if you not insured. I highly recommend you get travel insurance at all time, no matter how long or short time you plan to travel. 


 Amazon is my favorite online store. I buy pretty much everything from this platform. ( books, cosmetics, travel and photography gear) They have great 24/7 customer service and fast delivery worldwide. Shopping online it’s easy, convenient and mostly cheaper than getting the goods in walk in store. 


Amazon is the main store I use when purchasing anything online, literally because it is the biggest network of Online Stores in the world and is a trusted resource.


One of the most important things when running a business online is having reliable 3rd party companies working with you. If for some reason something goes wrong, you want the company to have 24/7 support and great customer service to rectify that problem asap so your business can run effectively and continue to bring in an income. That’s why I use the companies listed below.


Bluehost is one of the most popular “go to” hosting services for websites. It is well priced, very easy to use and the customer support is excellent. With services like a 1-click install for WordPress, you can see why it’s the best hosting for bloggers!


Get Response 

If you have any type of internet business, you’ll need to have some form of Email Marketing service. I personally use Get response for the customer service and the phone app they have. Very easy for keeping track on stats and leads.