Solo Travel in New Zeland

Chapter 1# Solo Travel in New Zeland, Auckland

Are you planning to hit the road alone?

Haven’t decided yet where to start your first solo travel? First of all a big congratulation making the decision to go solo. Give you an extra hug if you are a woman and being so courageous and unstoppable to travel solo. I have done the same in 2016 February. Packed my bags and embarked on a journey. It was my first solo travel and now looking back on it, it was the best decision of my life.

Solo travel New Zealand

I haven’t stopped until New Zeland.

There were two main reasons why I picked New Zeland as my solo travel destination.

1: I always wanted to visit Australia.

However also felt it’s such a far away land, so decided to make two in one. Taking the little detour before Australia. Gradual working my way back from New Zealand via Australia to Bali where my six months solo trip should have ended. ( Instead, the trip become 15 months of solo travel 🙂 That’s quite a long-term, right?

2: I read blogposts that were saying New Zealand it’s like Switzerland. Beautiful and safe!

new zealand nature

Perfect choice for first-time solo travelers.

Plus if I am truly honest: I have chickened out (even the thought of starting my first solo travel in Manilla) from the Phillipeans.

New Zealand sounded and felt safer for the newbie solo traveler like myself. It suggested peace, nature and allow time to get into the habit of solo traveling.

My route to Auckland wasn’t easy. I left London, Heathrow airport around 22.00 pm flew to Manilla ( 14 hours flight) had two hours stopover then flew to Cairns changed onto another flight and wo-ala arrived at Auckland.

It was an insane 36 hours with only a few hours of head-dropping, rather than sleeping. What can I say? I got excited and hooked on movies when I am flying long-term.

Landed in Auckland

I have pre-booked a room in a flatshare on Airbnb, so got the address and ordered an Uber to the airport. God bless technology and Auckland airport wi-fi.

Everything looked and felt just like in London. It’s raining, they speak English, and the Uber cab driver is an Indian man. Twenty minutes later we reach my temporary home for the week. Rented a room in a flatshare for a week to make sure I recover from jet lag and able to see and visit places in and around Auckland.

First thoughts and feelings about Auckland:

-Airbnb accommodation is excellent if you need alone time – less social. You only meet your host when checking in then maybe not for a week. (It was my case.)

-New Zeland people called Kiwi ( like their national bird 🙂 Cute!

-Living in 2 years in London I need a change from the Citylife heading to the countryside.

-The grass does look greener abroad 🙂 At least in New Zealand for sure due to the rainy-sunny climate.

-I’m not alone. Many solo females are walking around in the streets with backpacks. New Zealand is the paradise for solo travelers and backpacker!

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-People are super friendly and helpful here. The pace of life is more relaxed than in London. Easier to get around too. Less crowded.

-Love the short ferry ride to the island!

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Happy Exploring!