How To Plan Your Trip and Make a Travel Checklist

Getting organized and having a travel checklist is a crucial step when getting started to organize your ‘big trip’. It will help you to  avoid headaches later on your trip. Here is a little background, how I started my journey:  28th January 2016 it’s the day when I left Europe. I wanted to explore other parts of the world and design a lifestyle where I can earn income while traveling the world. AKA become a digital nomad.

I heard amazing things about Australia – but as I learned an early age, the grass always seems greener on the other side, so decided to plan a trip and make my decision about the country. Nothing could stop me going on my adventure, neither the fact I knew little about the countries I plan to visit nor the fact that this was my first solo trip ever. I was filled with excitement.
My Plan:
Travel for six months then

A: If I like it. Stay on the road and figure out how to become a digital nomad and keep traveling.

B:If I dislike it. Return to Europe and look for a job.

What I’d Like To See and Visit? 

Travel Destinations: New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia ( Particularly interested in Bali, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand)

I flew across the planet to reach my first destination New Zealand, then make my way up to the east coast of Australia and head to Bali and start my South East Asia country hopping. Leaving approx 2 months for each place to see. Obviously, you can’t see everything in two months so you must prioritize, according to your budget and interest.

How To Travel? 
I’m traveling with a Hungarian passport. Hungary is part of the European Union since 2004 so after I made roughly my itinerary. I looked up which countries require visas for Hungarian citizens. I wasn’t sure of my exact Asian route, although found out that I could apply for visa once I’m in Asia. The only pre-opt visa I needed was for Australia. I got a tourist visa. New Zealand has 90-day visa-free entry for Hungarians, sweet as 🙂

To obtain my Aus visa, I used an online agent and within 72 hours I got my visa invitation letter, valid for one year. Due to the fact that I was over 31 at this time, I only could apply for tourist visa. If you between 18-30 years old, check out the work and holiday visa options. I highly recommend you to apply for work and holiday visa.  Australia it’s pretty expensive, however, if you work while travel, salaries are high compared to Europe. Example: A waitress can earn $15-25/hour + tips. Let’s calculate with an average $20x40hour = $800/week, $3200/month. You can easily save all your travel budget just with a few months of work then travel a year in South East Asia, as many backpackers do so.

How Much To Save Before Heading the Road? 
After doing my research, I came to a conclusion of having a budget around £1000/month would allow me to travel on a budget, but fairly comfortable. I purchased a multiflex around the world flight ticket with STA travel( £1350) and saved up about £6000 to last me six months of travels. Which if we break down into monthly expenses, was about the same amount that I used to spend in London for my basic expenses. ( accommodation, transport, food, bills) My travel budget was pretty tight! However my desire to explore the world was urging, so I figured I can always work out something one the way, if needed.

Click here, if you like to read more about tips on how to save money to travel.

I love making lists!

List are a great way to keep me on track what needs to be done and crossing off a task fills me with great satisfaction. 

My Travel Checklist:

– Book your flight / accommodation  (at least for first few nights in a foreign country) – print them
– Get insurance – travel and electronics recommended
– International SIM card + Phone unlocked to use all type of Sims ( download / skype app)
– Valid passport (minimum a year) + visas checked and applied if needed ( photocopy of your passport)
– 8 Passport photos (white background)
– Vaccinations completed (if needed)
– Backup credit card (in case of loss)
– Entertainment packed (Book or Kindle reader)
– Bank notification about travels
– Redirect Mail (Check all online)
– Cancel all subscriptions, direct debits

Feel free to comment and ask any questions on how to prepare for your trip.

Happy Travels!